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            1. 经典文学《简·爱》(MP3+中英字幕) 第375期
              日期:2019-04-30 10:09


              "Well, for cool native impudence and pure innate pride, you haven't your equal," said he.
              We were now approaching Thornfield.
              "Will it please you to dine with me to-day?" he asked, as we re-entered the gates.
              "No, thank you, sir."
              “不,谢谢你,先生?!?br />"And what for, 'no, thank you?' if one may inquire."
              “干嘛‘不,谢谢你呢?’要是我可以问的话?!?br />"I never have dined with you, sir: and I see no reason why I should now: till..."
              "Till what? You delight in half-phrases."


              "Till I can't help it."
              “直等到我万不得已的时候?!?br />"Do you suppose I eat like an ogre or a ghoul, that you dread being the companion of my repast?"
              "I have formed no supposition on the subject, sir; but I want to go on as usual for another month."
              “关于这点,我没有任何设想,先生,但是我想再过上一个月往常的日子?!?br />"You will give up your governessing slavery at once."
              “你应该马上放弃家庭教师这苦差使?!?br />"Indeed, begging your pardon, sir, I shall not. I shall just go on with it as usual.
              I shall keep out of your way all day, as I have been accustomed to do:
              you may send for me in the evening, when you feel disposed to see me, and I'll come then; but at no other time."
              晚上你想见我了,便可以派人来叫我,我会来的,但别的时候不行?!?br />

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